Natural Diet

Diet, diet, diet…

That’s what we hear in everyday conversation. Every one is looking for the perfect diet, for the magic wand.

Today, more than half the population in the West suffers from overweight and 25 percent are obese. Try to guess how many people wish to find the real diet that would last for years.

At Mitzpe Alummot – a raw food health farm retreat – first of its kind in Israel, we give an opportunity to all those people who constantly struggle with diet, overweight and the consequent problems – an opportunity to be responsible for your own life and to be proactive. In the process, you undergo a body cleansing and learn about the proper natural diet, while combining it with physical activity, and learning how to maintain a healthy life style.

Most people consume large amounts of food – exceeding the body’s needs. The modern diet which most people live by is dangerous and loads too much on our systems. The process constitutes another source of health hazards (as seen in the documentary film “Super size Me”). The paradox is that, despite the fact that people overeat, they suffer from deficiencies, since their body does not get enough nutrients.

Most of us have tried one diet or another, in order to tackle the overweight problem. Most times these, so called fad “diets” end up in disappointment and add a few more pounds, in the absence of an overview of food and its interaction with the body.

Diets which lead to increased consumption of proteins or carbohydrates may end up damaging our kidney or liver. Starvation diets slow down the metabolic rate, thus contributing again to a weight gain. In starvation diets we activate our survival mechanism. Our ancestors, who were hunters and gatherers couldn’t always find food. Therefore, there is a survival mechanism which slows down metabolic rate during times of shortage of food. While the metabolic rate slows down, our body “burns down” food in a much slower rate, which does not enable weight loss.

It is believed that on each 1% fat increase in the body, chances of dying from a disease increase by 1%.. Besides the esthetic aspect, the obesity syndrome entails real health hazards:


  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Cardio vascular disease
  • Cancer… and mo 

    There is no instant solution to the problem of obesity. The key word is life style. Natural diet is only one aspect. Any one who cannot follow a healthy life style, will not be able to achieve good results.

    At Mitzpe Alummot we give you an opportunity to make a change, to take time off from every day hustle and pressures. The energy, the friendships created during the workshops, give you the feeling that there are more people who feel and think like yourself. We are all alike. We have the same feelings, the same weaknesses and the same aspirations.


    It is a known fact that overweight people find it difficult to lose weight due to the amount of toxins in their body, mainly in the fat tissues. A natural diet, in most cases, needs to include a detoxification program. At Mitzpe Alummot the detoxification is available through cleansing the body with raw vegan food, fresh juices, as well as wheat grass juice. Juice fasts (during 2 days a week) contribute to body detoxification and prepare it for its rejuvenation process. Wheat grass juice, which is rich in vitamins and minerals more than any other food ingredient, speeds up the process of detoxification and of fat burning.

    Alkaline Diet
    It is easier to lose weight when your body pH is less acidic. Since the food offered by us is natural, organic, rich in sprouts and green leaves, it lowers the acidity level of the body. Tbe diet which we offer is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, making it easy to digest. A regular diet will not change the body pH. Any diet will not succeed unless we change the software to our brain receptors. This is actually the key to a weight loss program. An intake of wheatgrass juice twice daily is known for its ability to lower blood sugar levels, improve digestion, purify the blood, kidneys, liver and the guts.

    Daily Physical Activity
    It is a known fact that one cannot succeed in combating overweight without physical activity. Our program offers a variety of physical activities during the day, which help in lowering weight. For instance – an early morning walk facing the rising sun, Chi Kong, Tai Chi, lymphatic exercise, yoga and more. Any diet which is not accompanied by physical activity, is not a beneficial one.

    Personal Awareness
    During your stay at Mitzpe Alummot, you will acquire the necessary tools needed to continue with this process (these tools include food preparation, sprouting classes, physiology classes and tips for a healthy life style).

    In addition, you will enjoy
    A beautiful view of the lake of Kinneret, the Golan heights and the Jordan valley, spacious and beautiful amenities, and a cozy home-like atmosphere.

    So, the next time you think of a diet, think of a natural diet, a healthy diet! A diet which nourishes and reinforces the body.

    A diet for life, a natural diet at Mitzpe Alummot!