Treatments At Mitzpe Alummot Therapy Center


The treatment is characterized by pressure on points on energy channels – meridians, as well as moving of the joints. Opens up blockages in the meridians and improves flowing of energy in the body. It performs when one is fully dressed , It is very helpful for acute/chronic back pains. Excellent for a general good feeling.

Thai Massage

The treatment is given on a mattress while fully dressed. It is deep and concentrates on stretches and accu-pressure along energy channels – in order to free energy blockages and to extend mobility of the joints.

Jin shin du

Jin shin do is a combination of ancient and modern forms of acupressure. It is a powerful, yet simple art form that increases awareness and helps to access the healing powers of the body, mind and spirit. The therapy consists of applying firm but gentle pressure on the tension areas of the body using the therapist’s fingers. This helps with the release of muscle tension, creating a harmonious flow of balanced energy through the body and mind.


A special massage of the feet using points which are energetically connected to various organs in the human body. Very appropriate for people suffering from chronic headache, urinary tract infection, respiratory problems, constipation ect.

Swedish Massage

A Soothing and enjoyable full body massage with natural organic grape / almond oil. It improves metabolism, relaxes the muscles and stimulates good blood flow. Appropriate for everyone.

Deep Tissue Massage

A very deep massage which works deep into all body tissues. Recommended for people dealing with regular intensive sport activity.

Hot Stones

A massage with natural organic grape / almond oil combined with hot stones. A very unique, soothing, and enjoyable treatment. Not recommended for hot days.


Lava Shell Massage

A relaxing and soothing massage that uses heat. During the Massage, the therapist uses real clam shells from the Philippines to gently massage your body. The therapist holds the shell in the palm of his hand while using light Swedish massage strokes. The heat comes from inside the Lava Shells due to a mixture of a minerals and algae with salt water and essential oils. This is a one hour treatment and it is very recommended.

Combined massage

This massage is a combination of a various types of techniques in one treatment (Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, ect.) it’s recommended for people who wants to experience several of elements together.

Ayurvedic Massage

A special Indian treatment which includes a gentle massage with warm sesame oil, covering the entire body, and finishing with dripping of oil on the center of the forehead, accompanied by a facial and skull massage. It’s an ancient healing technique, that brings relief and balance, elasticity and softness to the lymphatic and blood vessels. Also improves metabolism and body de-tox, as well as relaxing and open-up one’s consciousness.

All Natural Facial treatment and healing

Facial treatment with natural cosmetics products by “Nitfei Mor”. These products are made from pomegranate seeds and various fruits, nuts and seeds. 90 Minutes of cleansing, massaging and a thorough nourishing of the facial skin. A very unique experience of relaxation, Light, pampering and healing.


The healing Therapy uses the life sustaining energy of the Universe, to balance your energy and create healing to the body and soul. The practitioner helps jump start the immune system, and does not use his/her own energy, but rather directs the energy, which contains all information your body needs to heal itself to the part of your body where it is needed. Excess energy will remove from where there is too much, it will open your chakras, including the third eye for a better conscious state.

Bach Flower Therapy

This treatment is specifically addresses the emotional body of the energy system and its purpose is to restore emotional harmony. A Bach Flower “Remedy” consists of water that has been patterned with the energetic vibrations of one of 38 different flowers. It is added to a cup of water and named after Dr. Edward Bach, whose research led to its development in the 1930’s. This treatment seeks to create balance in areas of energetic disruption and can be used to help ease daily stress, address mild mood concerns, calm anxious feelings and reduce frustration and anger.

Nutritional counseling

One on one nutritional counseling, based on questioning and verbal diagnosis, which led by principals of the natural nutrition and medicine. A diet menu will be adjusted personally to each patient in order to balance the medical issues in which one suffers. Also, specific guides will be given and explained in order to help assimilate the nutritional recommendations and tips for everyday life- as much as possible.

Chinese Acupuncture

In this treatment a tiny needles are used in order to create a gentle and accurate tuning of the body, and balancing of the meridians. It’s significant for managing pain and different conditions, good for prevention of disease and for strengthening of the immune system. Before the treatment there will be a short questioning and diagnosis, pulse taking and tongue examination. According to the examination a treatment will be given to balance the liver and will stimulates and support the cleansing and de-tox process at Alummot.

Cupping glasses

Cupping therapy is the method of using cups to create localized pressure by a vacuum, which causes the blood to form in the area and helps it heal. It is mainly performed on one’s back and treats five meridians on your back.When these meridians are opened, the internal energy is able to flow through the whole body. Another aspect of cupping therapy is through the release of toxins -the suction from the cups can penetrate deep into your tissues causing the tissues to release harmful toxins. It triggers the lymphatic system, clears the blood vessels, and stretches and activates the skin.


A Chinese medicine treatment technique, sometimes referred to as “Traditional Chinese Physiotherapy”. The treatment combines soft tissue massage with acupressure a pond energy points located along the body’s meridians. The massage is vigorous and dynamic, depending on the patient’s condition. The treatment is especially efficient in treating chronic orthopedic pains such as: Back or neck pain, frozen shoulder, muscle spasms and large or small joint pain. As well as: headaches, migraines, digestive problems, respiratory difficulties, menstrual pain and sleeping disorders.


As form of gentle exercise, qigong is composed of movements that are typically repeated, strengthening and stretching the body, increasing fluid movement (blood, synovial, and lymph), enhancing balance and building awareness of how the body moves through space. As a healing art, qigong practitioners focus on prevention and self-healing, traditionally viewed as balancing the body’s energy meridians and enhancing the intrinsic capacity of the body to heal

Colon Hydrotherapy

During the treatment the colon is a repeatedly washed, helping to remove the excess mucus which had been accumulated throughout the years. It stimulates the blood flow, the liver and the lymphatic system.

Excellent for those who suffer from chronic constipation. Improves the metabolic rate and aids in weight reduction.

Duration of the treatment is between 25-50 minutes and performed with disposable accessories, so the procedure is completely hygienic and safe.

This treatment is not intended for people who have undergone an operation in the digestive system in the last 6 months, or those suffering from cardiac failure, heart problems, pregnant and lactating women.

Those with digestive system conditions will be examined individually. An authorization for treatment will be given locally after a thorough checking of the client’s health condition.

Those who are not sure about their medical condition, are advised to consult a doctor prior to performing the therapy. All therapists are certified, experienced and skilled colon hydrotherapists.


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