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Where we are

Health Farm is located in Kibbutz Mitzpe beams beams region of Galilee.
The farm is located on a hillside overlooking the stunning landscape of the Sea of ​​Galilee, the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley and Gilead.

You can reach Health expects to experience no difficulty beams from Land area:

Coming from the center to go toward Afula, from Kfar Tavor, Yavniel, and beams. (Travel time: two hours)

Coming from Jerusalem can be reached through the valley intersection plant, Kinneret colony junction and from there go to the kibbutz beams. Another way is to travel on Route 6, through Wadi Ara continue to Afula from Kfar Tavor, Yavniel and beams. (Travel time: two hours and a half)

Coming from the North can be reached Tiberias and then go through the intersection beams Kibbutz Kinneret colony, another way is to go to the Golani Junction and from fertile intersection past the hospital and go down to the fertile kibbutz beams. (Travel time: about one hour)

שנייה לפני שניפרד...

הסדנה לא מתאימה לכם בדיוק? תאריכים? תוכן? מחיר? משהו שאתם לא בטוחים לגביו?
הצוות באלומות ישמח לענות לכם על כל שאלה ולמצוא עבורכם את הסדנה המתאימה לכם ביותר.

השאירו פרטים ונחזור אליכם

מבטיחים שלא נציף את תיבת המייל שלך, ותמיד ניתן להסיר את עצמך בקליק אחד