Common Questions

Can I bring children?
The program is not intended for children, but we consider special cases, which must be arranged and approved by office before arrival.
Can people who are sensitive to chemicals participate in the program?
We try to maintain a healthy environment, free of chemicals.

Do you have a medical staff?
No, Mitzpe Alummot is a health retreat, not a medical facility. We do not have any medical staff, since our program teaches our guests to take control of their health.

Can I bring a laptop?
Yes, you can bring a laptop. But we recommend that you detach yourself from everyday stress. We have wireless internet in the suites.

Am I allowed to have guests at all times?
guest arrivals must be approved through the office.
We have created, very lovingly, a unique, warm, protective, calm and soothing atmosphere for our guests and for our supportive staff.
By confining visitation of guests we prevent any kind of diversion, and enable you to focus entirely on the program and its aim – healing and rejuvenating.

Am I allowed to continue with my medication, vitamins and supplements during the program?
We do not encourage you to stop any prescribed medication, unless you consult your doctor and have a written permission from him/her.

What about people who are allergic to wheat?
Wheat grass juice is not supposed to affect you, since the grass has grown for only 10 days and the gluten has not been formed yet.

היי, אנחנו מצפה אלומות , נעים להכיר!

אם חיפשת מידע על סדנאות סוכרת, סדנאות ירידה במשקל, ניקוי גוף ושליטה בסוכר
זה המקום הנכון! אם אין לך זמן לקרוא, אפשר לדבר או להתכתב עם נציג ולקבל תשובה מהירה.  

רק כמה פרטים ואנחנו חוזרים אלייך >

    מבטיחים שלא נציף את תיבת המייל שלך, ותמיד ניתן להסיר את עצמך בקליק אחד

    האתגר האמיתי שלך היום הוא לנהל אורח חיים נכון, כזה שיעניק לך אושר וחיוניות לאורך זמן. ⭐️⭐️ההרשמה לסדנאות פתוחה! יש לך הזדמנות להתחיל מחדש ממש עכשיו⭐️