The Program

We offer a very exciting and diversified program: Raw food, juice fast, body cleansing, Qi-kong, yoga, Feldenkreis (light exercises on mattresses), lectures, meditation, guided imagery, dance & music therapy, breathing, food preparation workshop, guest speakers, and more.

Good health and a free choice are our natural rights from birth. Nature has allotted us life free of diseases and unnecessary pain.

The purpose of the program is to provide every participant with the tools to make the changes needed for a healthy vibrant way of life. Our program is a weekly program commencing every Sunday, from 2 pm for seven full nights, with guests leaving the following Sunday at 10 a.m. Our program provides the option of staying for longer periods with additional hands-on advanced program.

The comprehensive weekly program includes:

  • Full board, personal suites overlooking the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret).
  • Over 20 lectures and workshops
  • Delicious Vegan Raw food meals
  • Lectures by experts in different fields
  • Personal consultation is available
  • Spa with different kinds of massages and colon-hydrotherapy.

The program in our retreat encourages the participants to detach themselves from the stressful everyday environment. Our program is the most comprehensive and professional of its kind. We pledge to give you the knowledge and the tools for maintaining optimal health and for continuing the program on you own after you leave.

Our goal is to help you achieve a healthier life. We regard each of our guests as a part of our extended family even after the program ends, and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Our guests are ensured to get a very unique experience in a special, serene atmosphere which takes your mind off everyday toil and trouble. It is also an opportunity to get in touch with your inner self, remove external shells, meet new people and return home energized and revived.

We invite you to a great educational and pampering experience – a once in a lifetime experience!

For a Sample Weekly Program- Click here!

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הרשמו למגזין שלנו וקבלו ספר מתכונים דיגיטלי איכותי

אנו שולחים חדשות ועדכונים פעם בחודש. בניוז שלנו תקבלו תוכן איכותי מאד שנכתב על ידי הצוות המקצועי שלנו. 

“טבעוני-לי” הוא הדרך שלנו לעזור לך לסגל ולשמר אורח חיים בריא יותר, אנרגטי יותר ושליו יותר. מגזין “טבעוני-לי” הוא הדרך שלנו לשמור איתך על קשר ולעדכן אותך על מה חדש אצלנו. בנוסף, “טבעוני-לי” הוא מגזין עם הפתעות(!) לכן אנו נשמח להעניק לך מגוון הנחות ומבצעים מיוחדים, טיפים, המלצות ומתכונים שונים כל חודש דרך המגזין.