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Dear friend!
We congratulate you on your decision to enroll in the Mitzpe Alummot Mind-Body-Spirit Cleansing Program. Our program includes lectures and workshops teaching healthy life style, various physical activities, raw food vegan nutrition and numerous spa therapy treatments.

The purpose of the program is to enable the body to eliminate toxins’ strengthen the immune system and heal itself. Juice fasting (which is optional during the program) helps the body cleanse itself from all kinds of toxins accumulated over years of a standard diet.

Mitzpe Alummot is not a medical facility, and does not provide medical supervision. Each participant in our program should be aware of his/her own medical condition and needs. Our program educates guests to achieve health through nutrition and a healthy life-style. It is important to realize that during the process of detoxing, there may be some side effects. We therefore ask you to fill for us a medical health form .

May we add that the stay at Mitzpe Alummot is not a substitute for any medical, medicinal or psychological treatment. Mitzpe Alummot does not encourage any removal of medical and/or medicinal treatment of any kind – without first consulting your doctor and with his written permission.

To register, please contact us by phone:
Sunday-Thursday 08.30-16.30, Friday 08:30 -14:00

Or: fill out the medical form, and we will contact you.

For details and registration:

Phone: 04-6653364
Fax: 04-6709790
E-mail: [email protected]

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