Wheatgrass Juice and Green Juices

Wheatgrass has many excellent properties:

  • It is rich in chlorophyll, magnesium/calcium
  • Its molecular structure is almost identical to that of hemoglobin, except for one atom: magnesium in chlorophyll and iron in hemoglobin.
  • Wheatgrass consists of 12% water, 70% chlorophyll, 12% protein, 2%fat, 2% minerals, and 2% fiber.
  • Wheatgrass is a source of solar energy (sun)
  • 45ml of wheat grass juice = l kg. fresh vegetables.

Wheatgrass properties

  • -detoxifies liver and blood
  • -antibacterial and antiviral
  • -raises the red blood cell count
  • -helps in weight reduction, dissolves the matter which adheres to the intestinal walls and speeds up metabolism
  • Enriches the blood, the body cells and the brain cells with oxygen, and brings them to normal functioning.
  • Cancer cells are unaerobic, and therefore cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment.
  • It contains all the essential amino acids.
  • -speeds up enzymatic activity in the body
  • -beta carotene rich (vit A)
  • -antioxidant-eliminates free radicals
  • -wheatgrass juice can be used as a drink or through a colon implant.

Wheatgrass and DNA correction

A Japanese researcher from the San Diego University isolated another factor in wheatgrass, called P4D1. This factor can correct a defective DNA in sperm cells. These cells were damaged by radiation or by a chemical and this factor helped in healing them

  • Efficient in restoring the body after radiation and chemotherapy.

Vitamin and Mineral content in Wheatgrass Juice


Vitamin                           Qty (in 100 gr. Juice)

Beta Carotene                 11000 IU (100 gr liver has 3500 IU)

C                                     320 mg

E                                              30 IU (minimum is 50 IU

B1                                    1mg

B2                                    2mg

B3                                    7.5mg

B5                                    2-5mg

B6                                    1-3mg


Element                             Mg. per liter(quart)

Potassium                          5700mg (problematic for kidney patients)

Phosphor                           821

Calcium                             239

Sulphure                            237

Magnesium                       169

Sodium                             142

Iron                                    92.5

Aluminum                         30.9

Zinc                                   2.1

Copper                              0.7

Chlorophyll advantages.

  • -chlorophyll is anti-bacterial and anti-cancer, therefore it helps in:
  • -vaginal rinse
  • -ear infection
  • -rheumatic pains
  • -disinfection of open wounds
  • -knee pains
  • -gum infection
  • -sinus rinse
  • -good for foot inflammation
  • -balances blood sugar levels
  • -reduces blood pressure
  • -removes toxic metals
  • -efficient against colon diseases
  • -treats successfully problems with cholesterolםl, diabetes, diabetic foot,  It has been know  to save diabetic feet from amputation.
  • Eliminates fatigue, improves energetic level and affects mind-body
  • Efficient in cleansing the body from residues of drugs and medicines.
  • When wheatgrass is grown in an organic soil, it absorbs from the soil 92 of its 102 minerals.


Wheatgrass factor:
Wheatgrass has been proven to increase life expectancy in animals.
Improves fertility in bulls and cows fed on wheatgrass (due to high concentration of magnesium which builds enzymes and restores reproductive hormones).

  • liquid chlorophyll gets into the tissues, refines them and rebuilds them.
  • cures acne and scars
  • neutralizes foul smells from the body
  • wheatgrass juice cures the body from digestive problems
  • excellent for skin cleansing (one cup juice in water bath)
  • neutralizes strep infection
  • cures eczema and psoriasis
  • revives hair follicles

Drinking wheatgrass juice is an integral part of Mitzpe Alummot’s diet

  • drink 1/4 cup twice daily on an empty stomach
  • wait 20-30 minutes before a meal/drink
  • recommended times for drinking  mornings and afternoons
  • swish juice around in your mouth to activate saliva enzymes.
  • make dressings with wheatgrass pulp and juice
  • apply to inflamed gums 2-3 times a day for 20 minutes by using the wheatgrass pulp soaked in juice.

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