Homogenized Dairy, the Dependable Cardiotoxin By Rodney Julian

By Rodney Julian

When the “Father of Modern Cardiology,” the eminent physician Dr. Paul Dudley White, graduated from Harvard medical school in 1911, he had never encountered coronary thrombosis. As a practicing physician in Boston, on those rare occasions when a hospital had such a case, he and other physicians from the Boston area would gather to see this rare disease. Today, however, it has become so prevalent, it threatens almost all of us, young and old. So the question is “What happened between 1911 and “?now to facilitate this change

Many studies show evidence that cholesterol is the major contributor. Autopsy studies show that in American soldiers from the Vietnam War, 75% had evidence of atherosclerosis and high cholesterol buildup. The average age was 22 years old. It was natural to assume that since cholesterol was almost always present, it must be the leading cause of atherosclerosis. This assumption has continued to today. Many diets prescribed today by physicians or by diet specialists completely eliminate cholesterol.

Cholesterol is manufactured in our bodies. It is so important to the integrity of the body that all cells contain it. It is found in high concentrations in the brain. In addition to its role in the conduction of nerve impulses, cholesterol has an important structural role, as well as a biochemical role in endocrine production. Cholesterol synthesizes male and female hormones. Without cholesterol, vitamin D, which is required for calcium absorption, would not be synthesized. Bile originates in the liver from used or spent cholesterol and is essential for proper fat digestion. With all this evidence indicating the physiological importance of cholesterol, why would the body keep producing it throughout our evolution if it were eventually going to destroy us? It would seem that the human system takes adequate care of itself. Perhaps, we are not taking care of the system.

The answer to the discrepancy between needing cholesterol for survival and finding it in heart disease victims comes from Dr. Kurt A. Oster, cardiologist. After suffering from two heart attacks, he was inspired to research how the atherosclerotic process worked. He discovered that the enzyme xanthine oxidase (Xo), which is present in cow’s milk (as well as the milk of sheep and goats), can be very destructive to heart and arterial tissue when the milk is homogenized. In raw milk, both the fat and Xo are digested in the stomach and small intestines. They are either used or excreted. Xo is found in the liver of many animals, where it breaks down compounds into uric acid waste products. Humans have a natural reservoir of Xo in the liver. One of its chief functions is to destroy used plasmalogen (in the liver only). And there are barriers, which prevent Xo from entering the bloodstream.

When homogenized milk was introduced in 1932, we started to see increased atherosclerotic damage on a regular basis. Under pressure of 2500 pounds per square inch, at a speed of 600 feet per second, milk is passed through pipes and fine filters. This breaks up the fat particles and puts them in suspension like a foggy mist. The homogenized process encapsulates Xo into tiny fatty substances called liposomes. This protects Xo from stomach acids and allows it to pass through the intestinal walls and into the circulatory system.

At this point, while the liposomes are circulating in the blood, they are slowly burned up as energy fuel, only to expose the hidden core, which is in fact the enzyme xanthine oxidase. This dangerous situation is taking place outside the protection of the liver. Xo and plasmalogen cannot co-exist in one location. The liver, therefore, cannot store plasmalogen. It can only process or destroy it. So now this freshly exposed Xo circulating in the bloodstream, with nothing to stop it, starts to destroy plasmalogen, which makes up 30% of the membrane system in human heart muscle cells. In autopsies of people who died from heart and circulatory disease, plasmalogen was completely missing. Xo was in its place. Arterial inner linings were completely eaten away. The resulting lesions had become hardened by the deposition of minerals. Fatty streaks and cholesterol had surrounded the newly formed plaque by this time.

The appearance of cholesterol created widespread speculation that it was the cause of heart disease and not the result. The Xo process is slow and effectively destructive. Most 10-year-old children who have consumed homogenized milk have some form of atherosclerosis. In the case of American soldiers autopsied after combat fatalities, some had arteries as brittle as clay pipes.

There is a very high correlation between countries that drink homogenized milk and atherosclerosis. In countries where milk is boiled for safety reasons before drinking, Xo is destroyed in the process. However, boiling will rob the milk of vitamins, change its organic structure and convert it to a putrefied mess in the bowel. In children especially, it can lead to constipation, chronic sniffles and colds, and tonsillitis.

It has become trendy for health-conscious people to consume skim or low fat milk, but that only slows down the Xo process slightly. Besides that, low fat milk products will cause someone to gain weight. Farmers feed their pigs skim milk to fatten them up before the slaughter. If you look at commercially prepared homogenized milk in supermarkets, most brands state that vitamin D has been added. Unfortunately, vitamin D enhances Xo activity. Xo is not the only source of atherosclerosis, but it is a major contributor. People looking to improve their diet in a truly healthful manner would be wise to avoid all dairy products, except for those that are raw or cultured without homogenization.

Author’s note: Dr. Paul Dudley White helped President Dwight D. Eisenhower recover from a heart attack, which allowed Eisenhower to continue his term in office. Years later, while still practicing medicine in his 80s, Dr. White became my father’s cardiologist.

Rodney Julian has been a writer and researcher for over twenty years on the topic of natural health and healing. He is trained in Neuro-kinesiology. His practice in energy medicine is based in Dallas and he travels extensively for consultations and house calls. For more information please visit www.fetalogos.com or email the author at RFJ@fetalogos.com.

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