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Nir Robins Cohen

I have been practicing different types of massage since 2003. I treat with deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. You will occasionally see me in Mitzpe Alummot wearing a wide hat and working in the field – either in the flower gardens or in the organic garden. Emphasis in treatments: viewing the body as a... ( Read more )

Shulamit Leibowitz

Shulamit Leibowitz practicing yoga for about 12 years. The last two years I focused on the practice and teaching Ashtangaand Minas. The past year I spent eight months in India which in Mysore where deeper studies. ( Read more )

Regin Doyev

The company's bookkeeper, Nature Shop Manager ( Read more )

Shachaf Rosenberg

Ever since I remember myself, I always treated and listened to people around me. I studied Swedish massage and Ayurvedic massage in 2004. I also treat with hot stones and Reiki. During treatment I put the stress on: The massage – for me it is a journey where I invite the guest as a partner... ( Read more )

Jerry Mintz

Born in Canada, in 1948. Made Aliya (emmigrated to Israel) in 1969. Volunteered theNachal Mutznach. Served in the army as a paratrooper... ( Read more )

Body Cleansing Detoxification

Elimination systems Waste reaches our body through the food, the respiratory system, the skin, our thinking, emotions, and as a result of chemical processes (anabolism and catabolism) which take place in our body. Our elimination system works through several channels, which area different organs in our body: Elimination systems Lymphatic system Lungs Skin Liver Kidneys... ( Read more )

Beit hamaniya

No words on this track, ending a brief introduction ... ( Read more )


No words on this track, ending a brief introduction ... ( Read more )

Superior Suites

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Contact Us

Where we are Health Farm is located in Kibbutz Mitzpe beams beams region of Galilee. The farm is located on a hillside overlooking the stunning landscape of the Sea of ​​Galilee, the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley and Gilead. You can reach Health expects to experience no difficulty beams from Land area: Coming from... ( Read more )

Raw Food in Israel – Mitzpe Alummot

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” (Hippocrates) Mitzpe Alummot is a very unique health retreat, first of its kind in Israel. It is based on Living Foods and natural healing techniques. Our center offers programs for body cleansing, juice fasting and replenishing energies. At Mitzpe Alummot we give you... ( Read more )


“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” (Hippocrates) Mitzpe Alummot is a Living Food Health Institute and Rejuvenation Center, located in Kibbutz Alummot in the lower Galilee, overlooking the Kinneret, (Sea of Galilee), Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights. Our Center was inspired by similar centers in the U.S. and... ( Read more )

Registration & Info

Common Questions>>> Registration Process>>> A Sample Weekly Program>>> Directions & Map>>> Before you arrive>>> Health Form>>> ( Read more )

Common Questions

Can I bring children? The program is not intended for children, but we consider special cases, which must be arranged and approved by office before arrival. Can people who are sensitive to chemicals participate in the program? We try to maintain a healthy environment, free of chemicals. Do you have a medical staff? No, Mitzpe... ( Read more )

Directions & Map

Driving Directions: (map at the bottom of this page) From the north Through Tiberias: Drive on route 77 up to Poriya junction. At the junction make a left turn heading south. You will pass the Poriya hospital on your left. Approximately 2 miles past the hospital, you will reach a circle. Go straight Follow the... ( Read more )

Media Reviews

כתבה ב- ynet>>> קישור לכתבה עלינו ב- ארץ וטבע>>> כתבה ב YNET>>> כתבו עלינו בעיתון להיות משפחה>>> כתבו עלינו בעיתון לאשה>>> כתבו עלינו בידיעות אחרונות>>> כתבו עלינו בירחון “דרך האושר”>>> כתבו עלינו במגזין “ספיריט” (גלובס)>>> כתבה עלינו בכלכליסט>>> כתבו עלינו בחיים אחרים>>> כתבו עלינו במגזין מנטה ב YNET בריאות>>> כתבו עלינו במגזין החיים הטובים (כתבה... ( Read more )

Target Community

We invite you to participate in a life-changing program, where you are given the opportunity to take responsibility for your own health and make major life changes. The program is intended for: People who want to acquire a healthier way of living, and are ready to utilize new tools for maintaining such a lifestyle. People... ( Read more )

Rates & Cancellation Policy

Treatments price list Price (in NIS) duration treatment 290nis 50 min Swedish 290nis 50 min Combined 300nis 50 min Hot stones 290nis 50 min Reflexology 290nis 50 min Deep tissue 290nis 50 min Shiatsu 290nis 50 min Thai massage 290nis 50 min Twina 290nis 50 min Healing 350nis  60 min Nutritional consultation 300nis 45 min... ( Read more )

Treatments At Mitzpe Alummot Therapy Center

Shiatzu The treatment is characterized by pressure on points on energy channels – meridians, as well as moving of the joints. Opens up blockages in the meridians and improves flowing of energy in the body. It performs when one is fully dressed , It is very helpful for acute/chronic back pains. Excellent for a general... ( Read more )

Raw Food Recipe – Zucchini Pasta With Marinara Sauce

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Our customers stories

The testimonies described on this page are individual experiences of the guest. Each person is unique and can have different experiences from another’s. ( Read more )

Mizpe alummot Health Farm at the shopping channel

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Fascinating Videos about those who decide to make the change

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Mizpe Alummot Method

Mind-Body Cleansing and Juice Fasting, based on the Ann Wigmore Philosophy “Mizpe Alummot”  do not guarantee a particular result,  each individual have different reaction to the treatment Our method follows the natural healing philosophy of Living Foods. Our philosophy regards the mind, the body and the spirit as one whole. It teaches a natural way... ( Read more )

Holistic Center

Dear Guests Welcome to Mitzpe Alummot Here you’ll be able to find the time to meet your own self again, to enjoy, and look at the possibilities for change in your life. Our program invites you to a cleansing process, exercise, workshops, nature, taking a break from everyday life, relaxing, and pampering yourself. Enjoy fresh... ( Read more )

The Nutrition

The Diet RAW FOOD, JUICES AND WHEAT GRASS JUICE According to the medical writings of the Rambam (Maimonides), a person should eat only when hungry, and drink only when thirsty. We, at Mitzpe Alummot, believe in eating organic, raw food (also called living food). This kind of a diet is an integral part of our... ( Read more )