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Driving Directions

Driving Directions

From the north

Through Tiberias:

Drive on route 77 up to Poriya junction. At the junction make a left turn heading south. You will pass the Poriya hospital on your left. Approximately 2 miles past the hospital, you will reach a circle. Go straight Follow the sign to Kibbutz Alummot.

Through Golani junction:

Go straight east of Golani junction up to Poriya junction. At the junction turn right heading towards the south, go straight till you reach a circle at the Alummot junction. Keep going straight till you reach the Kibbutz.

Through K'far Tavor

.At the Kefar Tavor junction light make a left, heading towards Yavniel (on your way you will pass Sharona and Shadmot Dvora). You will be driving through Yavniel. At the second circle in Yavniel make a left heading east towards the Kinneret. Keep going straight until you reach the Alummot junction (circle). Make a right till you reach the Kibbutz.

From the south and the center via the coast, route 6 and Vadi Ara

At Megido junction, go all the way straight on route 65 passing by Afula until you reach a T at Balfuria which is in Emek Izrael (Izrael Valley). Make a right at the light and turn left at the following light going east. Keep going straight on route 65 (on your way you will see the Afula hospital, Dovrat and Beit Keshet).. You will reach Kefar Tavor. At the light turn right heading east to route 767 to Kinneret. Keep going until you reach the Alummot circle. At the circle make a right to the Kibbutz.

From the south and from Jerusalem through the Bik'a route

Go through the city of Beit Sha'an on route 90. Keep going straight all the way toward Tiberias (on your way you will pass by Hamadia, Neve-Ur and Gesher) until you reach Zemach junction. At the circle turn left toward Tiberias. Keep going straight (on your way you will pass by Degania and Moshava Kinneret). Make a left (west) at the Moshava Kinneret junction. There will also be a sign to the Poriya hospital. Go uphill until you reach the Alummot circle. At the circle turn left to the Kibbutz.


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Public Transportation

From various cities in Israel to Tiberias:

Egged bus company information 03-6948888


Line No. 962 / 963

Rate NIS 42.

Tel Aviv

Line No. 836 / 830

Rate NIS 42.


Line No. 430

Rate NIS 28 (from central bus station "Hamifratz")


Line No. 841 / 830

Rate NIS 29.50


Line No. 836

Rate NIS 34 (from Netanya junction)

Kiryat Shmona

Line No. 963 / 841

Rate NIS 25.

Rosh Pina

Line No. 963 / 841

Rate NIS 14.8

From Tiberias to Kibbutz Alummot

Connex Bus phone 04-6712880

Line No. 30 at 8:10 am, 10:45am, 14:00pm, 16:15pm.

Rate NIS 5.30

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